Editable butterfly puzzle
One of my favorite activities to do with my son involves doing edible crafts. This butterfly puzzle that I am sharing with you today, is his absolute favorite.

Obviously, little kids can’t do all the fondant decorations but you can make the decorated cookies for them. And they will have a blast assembling all the pieces together, just like a real puzzle : )


To make this butterfly puzzle, you will need the following supplies:

4 heart shaped cookies
1 Green candy cane
2 green m&m candies
Any impression mat you like
Corn syrup
Yellow luster & petal dust
Green luster & petal dust
White pearls
Black marker
Rolling pin

And here are the steps:

Step 1: Start off by rolling out pink fondant.

Step 2: Place your impression mat on top of your fondant.

Step 3: Use your rolling pin again and apply some pressure so that the pattern transfers onto the fondant.

Step 4: Remove the mat and use your heart cutter to cut out a piece.

Step 5: Brush a mixture of yellow luster and petal dust all over the heart piece.

Step 6: Then, brush a mixture of green luster and petal dust near the tip of the heart piece. Lightly brush the rest of the heart as well. The focus should be on the tip though.

Step 7: Brush some corn syrup on top of your cookie and stick the fondant piece here. You will need to do this for 4 cookies.

Step 8: To jazz it up a little, brush tiny dots of corn syrup randomly and stick white pearls here.

Step 9: To make eyes, draw eyeballs on 2 green m&m candies.

Step 10: Assemble all the pieces together now…

Place 2 heart cookies on either sides. Place a candy cane in the center. Make sure to break off its curved part.

Then, place 2 m&m eyeball candies near the top.

And now you have created an edible butterfly puzzle.

edible butterfly puzzle decoration

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Happy caking everyone!