Lemon vanilla cupcake

I love lemon curd. So when I was making a jar of homemade lemon curd the other day, I just had to bake some cupcakes and use the silky smooth lemon curd as a filling. I ended up with these delicious lemon vanilla cupcakes. Do I need to tell you, that they were oh so good?

The fresh lemon zest, the seeds from the vanilla bean, the delicious sweet and tart lemon curd. All together with the sweet white meringue frosting on top. They were a hit!

This cupcake will be just as good without the filling. Maybe with a Italian Meringue Buttercream flavoured with lemon curd on top, instead of the white frosting. I would also love to try these cupcakes just plain, with a spread of royal icing.

I went for a quick decoration with some yellow shimmering non-parelis and a small petunia flower

I have used a 11mm star tip for the swirl (the same tip that I used for the confetti cupcake) and the color for the flower are Wisteria from Squires Kitchen.

If you would like to try a lemony lemon treat yourself? Then here are the recipes:

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Happy Caking!